ITC-Aerospace, Inc. and ITC-Leasing, Inc. Complete Merger to Form ITC-AeroLeasing, Inc.

Tokyo, November 1st, 2016, ITC-Aerospace, Inc. and ITC-Leasing, Inc. have merged to form ITC-AeroLeasing, Inc.; creating an aircraft leasing and sales company which covers a broad range of services including financing and sales of various rotary and fixed wing aircraft, as well as consultation of aviation projects.

The merger is an absorption-type merger within the group, with ITC-Leasing, Inc. absorbing ITC-Aerospace, Inc.

Mirika Nakayama, CEO of ITC-AeroLeasing, Inc. commented, “We are delighted to announce the merger. Until now, ITC-Aerospace has been specializing in the import/export and sale of aircraft, whereas ITC-Leasing has been specializing in aircraft leasing, but each business unit compliments the other. The logic of combining the two companies is compelling. We are confident that this merger creates a stronger company and further benefits our customers. We expect the merger to provide a solid platform to achieve stronger growth in the years ahead”.

Combining ITC-Aerospace, Inc. and ITC-Leasing, Inc. into one company has operational advantages and ITC-AeroLeasing is harnessing the strengths of the two former companies. Whilst ITC-Aerospace’s reputation was based on their expertise in aircraft and equipment sales domestically within Japan and overseas, ITC-Leasing has specialized in provision of sound financing solutions to the global General Aviation community.  As a leasing company focused on helicopters and turboprops, a stronger operational foundation allows the company to respond to an industry which requires increasing flexibility and speed.


Tomoo Nakayama, the founder, has become the Chairman of the company board. Mirika Nakayama serves as President and CEO of the company. A new senior management structure of the company also includes appointment of a new CFO and directors in line with the growth and diversification of the business.

For further information please contact the ITC-AeroLeasing team via our website’s Contact page.


ITC-AeroLeasing is a global leasing company with a focus on General Aviation. Originally founded in 1989, the company covers a broad range of services from sales, import/export, financing and leasing of various helicopters and fixed wing aircraft as well as consultation of aviation projects, uniquely capturing market segments that are not fully covered by other large leasing companies. We currently have over 40 aircraft on lease, operating in 15 countries.